Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Movie Lovers Who's Who

Cast of Characters

Jose Sequeira
Main character; Dina’s best friend and one-time student; poet, novelist, and movie lover extraordinaire.

Dina Rozelle Barnett
Our storyteller; Jose’s friend, movie partner, and devoted caretaker, she is a force to be reckoned with. 

Frank Stovall
Jose’s former partner and one true love. 
After they went their separate ways, Jose used to say to me, “But there’s no one like Frank!”; in the end, Frank was once more Jose’s devoted partner, and primary caretaker. 

Sonia Sequeira
Jose’s mom; from Nicaragua, she speaks very limited English; she and Dina share a March 2nd birthday.

Cliff Barnett
Dina’s husband; loyal friend, Leo, would-be drag queen.

Jose’s Care Team: Corey Baker (of Friends of PWAs), Caterino Soto (Cat), Lupin, Kay Exo, and others.

Setting: Mid ‘80s to mid ‘90s, when gay men were dying in droves